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The Menu

A curated savory 3 course menu experience w/ a la carte options for dessert prepared by our in-house pastry chef

Check back often as our menu is constantly evolving with something new to explore

* Menu items & prices are subject to change

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PRIMEIRO (select one)


salted cod croquettes, potato, onion, breadcrumb, dill aioli

Garlic Shrimp (gf)

curried lupini bean, finger lime, meyer lemon, paprika

Pork Belly (gf)

membrillo, frisee, chili, kumquat, fennel, mustard seeds

Kale Salad (v0) (gfo)

pão de oliva, almond, queijo paiva, passionfruit vinaigrette 

SEGUNDO (select one)

Squid & Chourico

potato puree, agua de tomate crema, trout roe

Piri Piri Quail

cornbread, presunto, onion ring, blue cheese crema

Farm Bean Feijoada (gf)

chicken alheira, sun dried tomato, preserved lemon, parsley

Tri-color Cauliflower (v)

Fried, pickled & shaved on bed of romesco sauce

TERCEIRO (select one)


Monkfish Soubise

saffron, charred potato, tomato confit, pickled mussel, olive toast

Ribeye (gf)

duck egg, asparagus, presunto espuma, potato crisps

Duck Rice (gf)

duck confit, smoked breast, artichoke, manchego, black olive

Spanish "Meatballs" (v) (gf)

picada, butterbean puree, lollipop kale, truffle, sherry reduction

Paella de Mariscos (gf) Available every Sunday

shrimp, squid, scallop, pickled mussels, salsa verde 

(v) vegan   (gf) gluten free   (0) option

DESSERT a la carte  14

Pastel de Nata Semifreddo (gfo)

brûléed madeira sabayon, dulce crunch, passion fruit curd

Peach Pie Churro

burnt honey peach coulis, bourbon brown butter ice cream

Coconut Arroz Doce (v) (gfo)

coconut milk, saffron, brûléed kumquat, puffed rice crunch

Cheese Board 19

various cheeses & accompaniments


Red or White  28

approximately 4 glasses


Bottled Water  4 / 7

sparkling or still

Sumol (fruit soda)  5

orange or pineapple


featuring Portugal’s finest, Delta Coffee & Lisbon Tea Co.


Espresso  5  |  Double  7

Americano  5  |  Cappuccino  6

Organic Tea Selection  6

black, green or chamomile tea

Artisanal Tea  7

Azores black tea, Madeira blend, Algarve orange blend

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